Cloud Infrastructure Lead / Principal Infrastructure Engineer

Job description

‍🏫Who are we?

We at Infinitas Technology (the technology and product development arm of Infinitas Learning) are passionate about understanding and transforming the way people learn. We create educational solutions that touch the lives of everyone around us – both personally and professionally.

For everyone who discovers. For everyone who grows. For everyone who performs and challenges themselves. For your smallest dreams and your biggest ambitions. Learning will take you further. From your first day at school to the next step in your career. Infinitas is there for you and everyone who learns.

👩🏽‍💻 What do you do?

As a Cloud Infrastructure Lead you will be leading the Infrastructure team that consists of 5 Infrastructure engineers, which is currently in the movement of bringing our complete infrastructure to the cloud. Your main responsibility will be to:

  • Lead the transformation (shift-left) to create a full native cloud environment, support by automated policies (infrastructure-, security- and policy-as-code)
  • Lead the skill-transition of the current team, so that they are fully able to support the engineering teams (creating the optimal balance between flexibility-speed and stability-security in our infrastructure landscape)

The infrastructure team is responsible for the design, configuration and operation of infrastructure, supporting the cross functional product development teams and the user workspace environment.

The infrastructure engineers:

  • Will be experts in the design, configuration and operation of scalable infrastructure services and applications.
  • Support colleagues in the other technology teams, ensuring that they have reliable and quality infrastructure upon which to build and operate their products.
  • Are an active part of an open and transparent engineering culture that values the sharing of knowledge, development of individuals and removal of any knowledge silos.
  • Focus within the team on the delivery of reliable and scalable infrastructure that help the overall team deliver to the agreed business outcomes.

Job requirements

📖 Who are you?

You have:

  • Excellent understanding of Cloud Infrastructure architecture, networking, services, offerings
  • Extensive experience in designing end to end Architecture on Cloud
  • Experience with the infrastructure technologies/components/networking we have in use (i.e. Azure, Microsoft 365, Kubernetes, SQL/MongoDB, CDN, Cloud Networking)

To be successful in the role you also have:

  • Significant experience as a technical leader in a modern cloud infrastructure environment
  • You take ownership and you 'walk the talk’
  • You are able to bring together people to solve tricky problems
  • You are able to create buy-in from stakeholders and teammates
  • You have a transparent and open communication style
  • Be an excellent example for your team colleagues
  • Be prepared to work outside office hours (on-call duty or in case of emergencies)
  • You find it fun and important to share your knowledge and learn from others.
  • You are happy to work in a dynamic and agile environment, where as we learn we will also be changing direction.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and able to communicate in English (though we can also help you to improve with this if you aren't yet confident!)

🏆 What do you get from us?

  • The opportunity to work in a domain that makes a genuine and positive impact on the society we live in
  • The chance to work with a diverse team across a range of European countries and learn how education can be both the same and different at the same time
  • Attractive and flexible employment conditions
  • Flexible working hours depending on team requirements as to how, where and when you work
  • A competitive salary and benefits (that will vary based on your location due to local expectations or requirements)