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Senior Data Engineer

  • Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
ILPT Engineering

Job description

👩‍🏫 Who are we?

For everyone who discovers. For everyone who grows. For everyone who performs and challenges themselves. For your smallest dreams and your biggest ambitions. Learning will take you further. From your first day at school to the next step in your career. Infinitas Learning is there for you and everyone who learns.

We at Infinitas Technology (the technology and product development arm of Infinitas Learning) are passionate about understanding and transforming the way people learn. We create educational solutions that touch the lives of everyone around us - both personally and professionally.

👩🏽‍💻 What you will be doing

As a Senior Data Engineer in the Data & Insights team you will play a key role to deliver real-time actionable insights for teachers to maximize the potential of every learner. You will do this by working on our solution that ingests millions of daily learning outcomes and usage telemetry, generated by learners and teachers that work with our educational platforms spanning across primary, secondary, vocational and professional education.

You will also cater to the needs of our internal stakeholders by managing data pipelines created in Airbyte and Fivetran that are orchestrated via Dagster and GitHub actions and ingest data into our Snowflake data-warehouse from our business systems like NetSuite and Salesforce.

As a Senior Data Engineer at Infinitas Technology, you will be responsible for:
  • Designing and implementing scalable data pipelines using relevant technologies like dbt, Airbyte, Kafka and Snowflake.
  • Ensuring correctness and reliability of data ingestion.
  • Mentoring and guiding other team members on best practices in data engineering.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to understand requirements, advise on solutions, and take ownership of delivery.
  • Striving towards continuous improvement of processes and tools.

🧑🏾‍🤝‍🧑🏼 How do we work?

  • We are a remote-first, cross-functional team with members across Europe.
  • We use agile practices using Kanban and are always looking for ways to keep improving ourselves as a team.
  • We are eager to collaborate and share knowledge as it is key to our success.
  • We often pair up on important work.
  • We take care that the social aspects of work are not neglected and to have fun along the way.

🏅 What are our values?

  • We reflect the values of the teachers and learners who use our products.
  • Creativity blossoms only when freed from fear.
  • Leadership is approachable and supportive in helping you to excel and grow.
  • We take strength from our diversity.
  • We are all part of, and serve, the Infinitas group of companies.

Job requirements

📖 Who are you?

We understand that each person has a unique set of skills and that finding a candidate with 100% fit would filter out some amazing people, so take this list as a guide and don't hesitate to apply if you don't tick all of them.

We are looking for a Senior Data Engineer with hands-on experience in (real-time) data processing at scale. Engineers at this level also provide mentorship for others within their team and guide their team's execution.

You would be a good fit if you:

  • Have hands-on experience with data processing technologies.
  • Understand the challenges and solutions of processing (real-time) data at scale.
  • Are proficient in designing and implementing data pipelines.
  • Can code in Python or Java and are skilled in SQL.
  • Possess strong communication skills (written and verbal) and can explain complex concepts to technical and non-technical audiences.

It would be great if you already:

  • Have experience (or desire) working in a collaborative data team.
  • Are familiar with modern data ingestion and transformation tools.
  • Have experience with cloud technologies and cloud-based data processing, like Snowflake.
  • Have experience with Apache Kafka.
  • Have an awareness of data governance procedures.

Application Process

  1. Jerome, our Engineering Manager, will review your application. You can expect a quick response within five working days to discuss the next step. If we decide not to proceed, we will let you know and explain why.

  2. The first call, lasting roughly 30 minutes with Jerome and one of the team members, will cover Infinitas Learning, the position, your expectations and your personal details. In this call, we are looking to make things as clear as possible, so we don't waste your time if there is anything that will make it not work out, regardless of how amazing you are.

  3. After that, we will send an invite to do a data modelling exercise with us. Do not expect tricky or complex algorithmic questions; we focus on practical tasks you would encounter in your day-to-day work. This provides conversation material and context to assess at what stage in your career you are at.

  4. The next step involves a coding exercise, expected to take one to two hours to complete. We typically give you a week to finish it and will in parallel already arrange the next step, but if you need a bit more time that is also not a problem.

  5. You will be invited to a call with two of our engineers. In this call, we will review the exercise and discuss your experience. Then we will pair together to extend the code with additional features to get a feeling of what it would be like to work alongside you. We will also take time to answer questions you may have. The interviewers will submit their notes and decision independently and then review those notes with Jerome to decide whether to invite you to a final call. We will provide you with feedback in either case.

  6. The final call is with Carl, Head of Engineering and Eline, HR. It is about Infinitas Learning as an organisation, our culture and how you would add to it. It is also an opportunity to talk about expectations from both our and your side and discuss employment terms. If successful, we will contact you to make an offer. If not, we will contact you to let you know why.

🏆 What do you get from us?

  • A job with a real purpose where you can contribute to society.
  • Opportunity to work with a diverse team across a range of European countries.
  • Attractive and flexible working conditions.
  • Flexible working hours depending on team requirements as to when, where, and how you work.
  • We can directly employ in a broad range of European countries and are able to provide sponsorship in The Netherlands.
  • A competitive salary and benefits (that will vary based on your location due to local expectations or requirements).