Senior Product Manager

Job description

👩‍🏫 Who are we?  

We at Infinitas Technology (the technology and product development arm of Infinitas Learning) are passionate about understanding and transforming the way people learn. We create educational solutions that touch the lives of everyone around us – both personally and professionally.

For everyone who discovers. For everyone who grows. For everyone who performs and challenges themselves. For your smallest dreams and your biggest ambitions. Learning will take you further. From your first day at school to the next step in your career. Infinitas is there for you and everyone who learns. 

To learn more about Infinitas visit the home page of this career site.

👩🏽‍💻 What do you do?

As a Product Manager of Infinitas Technology you will lead the vision and strategy for your product and be (with UX) the voice of the end user, at whatever stage your product is in its lifecycle. You will own and manage your part of the product roadmap, weighing both the testing and development of new features alongside maintenance of the existing product. In this role, you will be expected to use your knowledge of user needs and business goals to frame problems and set priorities for your teams. You work closely with colleagues across other business departments, ensuring that any dependent activities such as go to market are co-ordinated, and everyone is up to date with your roadmaps and execution along them. Key activities are: 

  • Managing stakeholders: ensuring that all the areas of the companies understand how they can contribute to the roadmap, and how the product may support their needs as well as those of the end user
  • Spend time every week talking with end users, validating hypotheses around new feature development, confirming that new or existing features deliver value and ensuring that the product team feel really connected to the value they deliver to the end user.
  • Perform analysis on new and existing product features to ensure we are making decisions supported by the available facts, with the support of business and data analysts.
  • Work directly in a product team (consisting of engineers and UX designers) that covers all aspects of the product life cycle, including strategy, product requirements, design, user testing, launch, operation and future enhancements.
  • Work with the product team to break the roadmap areas down into smaller pieces that can then be prioritized and delivered on, recognizing that your job is to provide both the vision and boundaries to work in, but the whole team should take ownership around how they deliver against these.
  • Keep track of product performance, benchmarks, and success metrics to ensure we are continuing to invest in the right things.
  • Report on progress to middle and senior management, and act as a strategic sparring partner for management.

Our teams are a mix of local and remote people, as we try to bring on board the best Product, UX and Engineering people we can, regardless of where they are located. You have experience working in this type of environment and are comfortable using tools (such as or similar to ProductBoard, Slack, Zoom, InVision, Azure DevOps and the like) to facilitate teams to get the best out of their time.

We were supporters of remote working long before it was as popular, and continue to be. We want to be flexible, offering our team members high autonomy in flat-structured teams focused on delivering value.

✨ What levels are we recruiting for?

We are currently recruiting for a Senior Product Manager. 

  • Senior Product Manager: A Senior Product manager is capable of leading a collection of product teams in an area of the business, guiding a more complex multi-themed roadmap with many components towards a larger business outcome. They will mentor and lead other product managers in their area.

This role can be based in any of our locations: Belgium, the Netherlands or Sweden. We may consider fully remote applicants in certain circumstances depending on the role, so please do apply if you feel you can carry out this role remotely.

🧑🏾‍🤝‍🧑🏼 What are our values?

  • We reflect the values of the teachers and learners who use our products
  • Creativity blossoms only when freed from fear
  • Leadership is approachable and supportive
  • We take strength from our diversity
  • We are all part of, and serve, the Infinitas group of companies

Job requirements

📖 Who are you?

While we don't like creating a detailed set of criteria that then filters out some potentially great candidates, it is important you have an idea of the type of thing we will be looking for after you apply - so please take these as a guide, but if you are uncertain please don't let it stop you applying!

  • Previous product management experience in content-heavy environments, or demonstrable experience in a complementary field where you feel you can successfully make the transition.
  • Great in managing stakeholders: ensuring that all the areas of the companies understand how they can contribute to the roadmap, and how the product may support their needs as well as those of the end user
  • Open for the ideas of others, and disciplined (with UX) in testing assumptions in the real world before committing teams to them
  • Experience analyzing end-user feedback, user research and performance data to guide product feature development.
  • Ability to communicate cross-functionally among multiple internal and external stakeholders, explaining complex systems or concepts in appropriate terminology for stakeholders.
  • Ability to veer effortlessly between strategic, tactical and operational levels.
  • Experience within, or an interest in the (professional) education sector.
  • Knowledge of the agile software development process and experience using tools to manage and prioritize work for a software team.
  • A keen listener and collaborator, but who is also resilient and hold their ground to deliver what they think is right.
  • The business language across Infinitas Learning is English, so a strong proficiency is a must. At the same time, if you are not a native speaker of the Dutch or Swedish languages, a proficiency in either Dutch or Swedish (or a willingness to acquire this) is a must.

🏆 What do you get from us?

  • The opportunity to work in a domain that makes a genuine and positive impact on the society we live in
  • The chance to work with a diverse team across a range of European countries and learn how education can be both the same and different at the same time
  • Possibility to move around different teams to solve different problems and broaden your experience within the company
  • Attractive and flexible employment conditions
  • Flexible working hours depending on team requirements as to how, where and when you work
  • We can directly employ in a broad range of European countries
  • A competitive salary and benefits (that will vary based on your location due to local expectations or requirements)

⏳ What happens after you apply?

  • Your application will be reviewed by Michael, Head of Product & UX and Eline, HR to do a first review and agree to proceed, and we aim to have a response within 5 working days with regards to the next step.  If there is no next step we will also let you know and explain why.
  • The first call will be with Michael and Eline, to have a quick conversation about both your expectations and personal details - we don't want to waste your time if there is anything that will make it not work out regardless of how amazing you are.
  • You will be invited to a teams call with two of our colleagues, who will focus your experience, and also be able to answer questions you may have.  
  • If successful we will contact you to make an offer, if not, we will contact you to let you know why not.

⏰ Important to know ...

  • We won't do any white board algorithm excercises, we are focused more on getting to know you you as a human being and future colleague.
  • We will treat you with respect at all times and provide feedback if you are not successful.
  • We do not hire into specific teams, you are applying for a job within the wider Product team, and you will get the opportunity to meet different teams when you join and have a say about where you want to work.