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Senior UX Designer Commercial Domain

  • Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

Job description

We are searching for a Senior UX designer to help us create accessible, engaging products and services that are meaningful to teachers and learners. As part of the UX Design team and the Commercial & Back Office Segment, you design and validate user experiences for our digital solutions based on quantitative and qualitative data. You breathe and talk UX. This role falls into our commercial domain, focusing on our commercial touchpoints, such as digital purchasing and onboarding of customers to our products and platforms, optimizing the “my environment” of administrators and teachers.

👩‍🏫 Who are we?

For everyone who discovers. For everyone who grows. For everyone who performs and challenges themselves. For your smallest dreams and your biggest ambitions. Learning will take you further. From your first day at school to the next step in your career. Infinitas Learning is there for you and everyone who learns.

Infinitas Learning is a leading supplier of innovative and appealing educative products and services for education and learning. Infinitas Learning consists of four educative publishers in Europe: Noordhoff in the Netherlands, Liber in Sweden, Plantyn in Belgium and LeYa in Portugal. At Infinitas Learning people have a passion to transform the way people learn. The goals is to offer flexible, leading solutions that support these new approaches of learning in the 21st century.

The Infinitas companies create an impressive range of educative resources that are used in private households, schools within primary, secondary or higher education or within professional institutions. The products include interactive software, online learning, e-books, audiobooks and printed textbooks, of which many are market leaders in their segment.

🏅 What are our values?

  • Mission Driven: We reflect the values of the teachers and learners who use our products
  • Open and Empowered: Creativity blossoms only when freed from fear
  • Servant leaders: Leadership is approachable and supportive
  • Diverse and Inclusive: We take strength from our diversity
  • Reliable and Accountable: We do what we said we would, and take the responsibility we have in owning the products across ILPT seriously

🎯 Your mission:

  • Partaking in shaping future visions and improving and extending our scalable educational blended platforms. Our work focusses around three areas – where this current opening is about the third area: Commercial touchpoints.
    • learning platforms: deliver a blended experience for educators, learners and administrators
    • educational content authoring solutions: facilitate and empower content creators and publishers
    • commercial touchpoints: digital purchasing and onboarding of customers to our products and platforms; activation , account management, school- and class management, and ecommerce (b2b and b2c)
  • Making sure logging in and accessing and managing our platforms is flawless by
    • Optimizing current flows and supporting discovery and ideation for new propositions
    • Close collaboration with product managers, engineers and other designers, specifically in the 2 or 3 teams you’ll be working with (CX, Marketing & Ordering)
    • Interest and experience in complex information architecture and analysis
    • Set up the feedback loop with our users by using real data and content, validate hypotheses early in the process by conducting research beyond the office to find effective solutions
    • Inspiring and empower others to create new or improve existing experiences
    • Focusing on simplicity, flexibility and scalability

Job requirements

👀 What we are looking for:

  • You bring significant experience in designing and developing solutions where you translate needs and complexity into a user-friendly interface that entices our users.
  • You do this through your design thinking approach and that extra bit of magic sauce only you can bring to the table. For this, you collaborate with your design, product & data colleagues.
  • You work together with stakeholders to create the necessary vision, and high-level roadmap to ensure long-term strategic objectives are achieved.
  • You determine, together with the development team and product manager of your segment, the scope of the functionalities you will improve or implement.
  • You will do this based on spending time with end-users on a regular basis to truly understand their needs, problems and test solutions. As we don’t have dedicated UX researchers today, you need to take initiative on this yourself. You need to be able to set up, perform the research, doing expert reviews, and gathering all insights in one place to be able to synthesize and share biggest customer needs and pain points across the different publishers.
  • You are curious and enjoy sharing acquired knowledge and insights with others.
  • You enjoy collaborating with your colleagues and, by being aware of their needs, you find appropriate solutions to help them along and strengthen the design community.
  • You’re comfortable reporting on progress to senior management and acting as a strategic sparring partner for management.

What makes you a good fit:

While we don't like creating a detailed set of criteria that then filters out some potentially great candidates, it is important you have an idea of the type of thing we will be looking for after you apply - so please take these as a guide, but if you are uncertain please don't let it stop you applying!

  • 7+ years of experience as a UX / Interaction Designer, with a proven track record of designing successful digital products. A healthy dose of experience, and knowledge trump just about any degree you can throw at us here but A Bachelor's or Master’s degree related to Interaction Design/Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) or a portfolio that demonstrates equivalent experience is a plus.
  • We consider proficiency in user-centered design principles, practices, and methodologies as a given but we put extra value on specific skills you bring in relation to any of the before mentioned domains (education, authoring, e-com). Demonstrating how you think, the problems you solved and how you solved them is what we’re interested in.
  • Your solutions and design patterns may be used in other platforms within the same organization, so it's crucial to understand the context of your solution with regard to the other platforms. This means you can think of it in an abstract manner and, when it makes sense, build it with a certain modularity using our design system. You advocate and share these patterns with the design community and contribute them to our design system.
  • Visionary mindset with a drive to push design forward and create innovative concepts.
  • You always prioritize the user and can properly support your design decisions toward the development team and business stakeholders. At the same time, you should be able to find the sweet spot between the user, business, and technological feasibility with the help of your product and tech peers.
  • Easily work with the development team and ensure that your designs are clearly documented and communicated.
  • You are a force in building out the design community together with your colleagues.
  • You are well-versed in leading design thinking workshops and design sprints.
  • You are proficient in Figma and you will be working with and contributing to Pixel, our design system.
  • Understanding of inclusive and accessible design principles.
  • Experience within the domain of (educational) publishing, content management and creation systems, and e-commerce platforms is a plus.
  • You are able to communicate fluently in English plus one of the following languages: Swedish or Dutch.

⚙️How we work:

Our teams are a mix of local and remote people, as we try to bring on board the best Product, UX and Engineering people we can, regardless of where they are located. You have experience working in this type of environment and are comfortable using tools (such as or similar to ProductBoard, Slack, Figma, GitHub, Notion, and the like) to facilitate teams to get the best out of their time.

We are a dynamic group of digital designers and researchers, with our own specialties. We want you to join us and grow to the next level. Together, we will explore and discover what is needed to realize this mission, for design, and for you.

Our Digital Design team is distributed across Europe and is on a mission to shape the future of learning. You can work remotely or at one of our local design teams (Belgium, the Netherlands, or Sweden), and hours can be used flexibly in consultation. Please be aware that this position may involve occasional travel as per the demands of the job. You can also count on attractive and flexible terms of employment.

In this role, you would report into the UX Design Lead for the segment you work for/ UX Design Director

🏆 What do you get from us?

  • A job with a real purpose where you can contribute to society.
  • Opportunity to work with a diverse team across a range of European countries.
  • Attractive and flexible working conditions.
  • Flexible working hours depending on team requirements as to when, where, and how you work.
  • We can directly employ in a broad range of European countries and are able to provide sponsorship in The Netherlands.
  • A competitive salary and benefits (that will vary based on your location due to local expectations or requirements).


Do you recognize yourself in our profile? Please send us a message! We are looking forward to chatting with you.

What happens after you apply?

  • Iris, our UX Design Director will do the first review of your application and agree to proceed. We aim to have a response within five working days regarding the following steps. If we decide not to proceed, we will also let you know and explain why.
  • Your first interview will be done by Iris (UX Design Director), and Bo, Product Lead Commercial, to get a better understanding of your experience, your way of working and you as a person. We will carve out time in the interview so you can show a case of your previous work so we will get a better sense of your approach and experience.
  • If happy with this first conversation, a second interview will be done by the team of Product Managers, Roderik and Ozkan, and Emiel, Engineering Lead of the team.
  • We might also provide you with a UX challenge to get sufficient insight on your process, problem-solving skills, and ability to create a practical solution given a real-world problem.

❗️ Important to know ...

All interviewers are trained by our HR team, and will have a set of standard questions to choose from to make sure that we gauge all candidates equally and as much as possible without bias. We will treat you with respect at all times and provide feedback if you are not successful.